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Harp and Traditional Irish Music with Brenda Malloy

Lunchtime Concert 12:00 pm 

Bandon Town Hall

Traditional Music Workshop


Bandon Town Hall

We are delighted in 2022 to have

Harper Brenda Malloy return to Bandon Walled Town Festival. Brenda is a Dublin-based harpist who plays early Irish harp (the Cláirseach), the Renaissance harp, the arpa doppia (Italian Baroque triple-strung harp) and neo-Irish harp. She has studied extensively with the Spanish historical harpist Javier Sainz and with Siobhán Armstrong, the Chair of the Historical Harp Society of Ireland.  

Brenda has always been a firm favourite in previous years and we are thrilled to welcome her back.

She will be hosting a Lunchtime concert at 12:00pm in Bandon Town Hall bringing the unique sounds of early Irish harpers, renaissance and traditional tunes to Bandon.

Following this she will be facilitating a workshop at 2:00pm on the harp and traditional Irish Music, discussing the music they might have listened to within the walls of Bandon Town. 

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Paddy Collins muder poster 18apr-02.jpg

Paddy Cullivan's The Murder of Michael Collins

Munster Arms Hotel Sunday 21st August 8pm

The Murder of Michael Collins, is the acclaimed in-depth historical documentary, written and directed Paddy Cullivan Historical Entertainer.

Paddy brings us the incredible story of the death of Ireland’s first Commander-in-Chief. An audio-visual spectacular featuring hundreds of images, shocking new research and incredible songs, he dares to unravel the secrets and lies around what happened that fateful day in Béal na mBlath, 22nd August 1922.

Did Michael Collins have a secret son in London? Was he really going to keep to the Anglo-Irish Treaty or was he planning to resume the war? If the anti-treaty side shot him, why did the Free State instigate a massive cover-up? How can one of the most important men in Irish history have no autopsy report, no investigation, inquest or even a death cert? And who really shot Michael Collins? Why is there such reticence from certain quarters - to this day - to find out the truth?

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