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Heritage on one street...

The Earl of Shannon's Street. The name originates from Shannon Park near Carrigaline. Think Shannon Park Roundabout on the way to Ringaskiddy/Carrigaline.

Earl of Shannon title was created in 1756 for the prominent Irish politician Henry Boyle, who served as Speaker of the Irish House of Commons and as Chancellor of the Irish Exchequer. A direct descendant of Sir Richard a founder of our town.

This area was first called Irish Town in the early 17th century when the Irish lived in mud cabins either side of the road here and were banded from entering the town. It stood outside the Kinsale Port, one of the original 4 gates to our walled town. You'd be close to one of our towns castles from here when looking west. More on that some other time.

The Eagle on the Cork, Bandon and South Coast Railway bridge stood for the Skibbereen Eagle, later bought out by the Southern Star. You'll see this Eagle on the front page top left to this day.

On the far right you have Lee's Hotel the final destination the big fella Michael Collins visited before he was shot in Beal na Blath. Today this hotel is named the Munster Arms Hotel. That day he met with Seán Hales for whom we will be commemorating in 3 weeks time. A woman told us yesterday she always thought the white statue over the bridge was of Michael Collins. Perhaps it does look like him.

We'll leave the Female Industrial School on the right for another post.

The street was renamed St Oliver Plunkett Street in 1940, hence the later Plunkett Inn. Today many will also use Cloghmacsimon for this area, the same Simon as Kilmacsimon. Its named after a Simon Fleming who landed here over 800 years ago. We won't get into that now or we'll have you late for work!

And that's only a small taste of our Heritage on 100m of one street.

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