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Bandon Bridge - 250 years

250 years old this year. “Tandem Emergo” meaning “finally it emerges” refers to the length of time, 24 years, it took to replace the original bridge which was swept away in a massive flood in 1749. (according to Bennett)

From Bennett’s History of Bandon

A new bridge was built over the Bandon river (1773) in place of the one carried away in 1749. The very long delay was owing to the largeness of the sum required, and the very imperfect state of the grand jury laws, which rendered it a matter of great difficulty to procure the necessary funds. The sum required, however, was at length forthcoming, partly in assistance from the county, but mainly in private subscriptions; and the bridge was opened within the year. On a mural tablet, in the battlement over the centre arch, and facing the roadway, is the following inscription:

"Tandem Emergo

Sub Auspiciis Johannis Travers,

Præpositi Anno Dom.


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