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Historical Walks and Talks

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Living Tradition: Exploring Ireland's rich textile heritage.

Friday 12th August 11:00 am.
Bandon LIbrary

Textile heritage author Vawn Corrigan will present a slide show illustrating our historic connection with textiles; from linen, tweed, crochet, lace and knit. Vawn will show how textiles were developed at different points over our history and how the contemporary resurgence is enlivening these skills today. This event has an interactive element as the attendees are invited to show-and-tell their heirloom or vintage pieces.

Vawn has written many articles on Irish craft and textiles. Her two heritage books Irish Aran and Irish Tweed  are available from The O’Brien Press.

Booking required

Contact (023) 8844830 or email

Image courtesy of designer Colin Burke.


Canals, dams and river diversions: A history of life along the Bandon River

Tuesday 17th 7:30pm 
Bandon Town Hall

Liam Murphy presents a history of the projects planned and carried out along the Bandon River since the Munster Plantation. Come and find out about our town's secret gully's, explore new findings on how the path of the river diverted for over a mile to allow the southside of our town to develop. 

No booking required


The Footsteps of the Past: Journey around St. Peter's Church.

Wednesday 17th 7:30 pm
St. Peter's Church

While the current building was built in 1847, a church has existed on this site since 1614 and has been central to life in the town, with part of the wall of the church grounds making up a portion of the original town wall. Join Andrew Coleman as he takes us on a journey through the past. 

No booking required


Monuments to Our Past: Understanding Commemoration and the revolutionary period in Cork 1914-1923

Thursday 18th 7:20pm

Commemoration is a vital part of how we remember history. But how well do we understand it. There is no other period in Irish history as richly commemorated in Cork as the period 1914-1923.

Kieran Doyle will present on "Monuments To Our Past: Understanding commemoration and the revolutionary period in Cork 1914-1923" which examines not just the history, but the language, structure and symbolism of commemoration.


An Garda Síochana in Bandon: 100 years of history and community

Friday 19th 7:30pm
Bandon Town Hall

Earlier this year on April 13th Bandon witnessed a heartwarming parade in to mark 100 years since the first Gardaí arrived in Bandon in 1922. replicating what the first 15 gardaí did on November 11th 1922.Wednesday, 9th February 2022 marked the 100th anniversary of the inaugural meeting of the foundation committee that led to the creation of An Garda Síochána. Vincent Duggan presents an account of the Foundation of An Garda Síochana and their arrival in Bandon.

No booking required


Footsteps in the past: a walk around Walled Bandon Town

Saturday 4pm

Join Liam Murphy as he brings us on a journey through the past as he takes us on a walk around the remains of the wall and entertains young and old. From the original bridge to murdered masons and buried horses - Bandon has many stories waiting to be heard!

No booking required.


Gathered at the Bridge: 200 years of Bandon Methodist Church

Friday 19th 1-5pm
Saturday 20th 2-7pm
Bandon Methodist Church

Bandon Methodist Church is the oldest Church building in Bandon in use today. Come and explore the history of the church in Bandon over the last 200 years. An exhibition of photographs and memorabilia celebrating 200 years of Bandon Methodist Church in Bandon.

Saturday's exhibition will be followed by a presentation of Bandon Methodist Church by Rev. Ian Henderson.

All welcome. No booking required.

Historical Walks and Talks: Program
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