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Historical Walks and Talks 2023


Bandon Town: Built Heritage

Monday 14th August


Bandon Town Hall


TBC - watch this space 


Richard Boyle's  Bandon

Tuesday 15th

8 p.m 
Bandon Town Hall

Dr. David Edwards, U.C.C

Author of The Colonial World of Richard Boyle

Join David Edwards as he gives an insight into the world of Sir Richard Boyle, builder of the walls of Bandon and 1st Earl of Cork, landowner and politician.


The Footsteps of the Past: Guided tour with Catherine Fitzmaurice.

Wednesday 16th

7:00 p.m

Meet at St. Patrick's Church steps

Join Catherine Fitzmaurice, historian and genealogist and author for a walk through the past. 

A walking tour of A Social History of St. Patrick's Quay (Cavendish Quay), St. Patrick's Hill (Stanton's Lane) and Market Street

Organised by Cumann Seanchas na Bandan


Norman and Gael in the Bandon Valley

Thursday 17th

8 p.m

Bandon Town Hall

Dr. Paul MacCotter, U.C.C

Lecturer and author. His book Medieval Ireland: Territorial, Political and Economic Division s(Four Courts Press, 2008), is a standard reference on the period. 

Join Paul MacCotter on an overview of the history of the Gael and Norman in the Bandon Valley before settlers founded the town at Bandon-bridge.


Bandon's Distillery: An overview 

Friday 18th

8 p.m
Bandon Town Hall

Join Niall Tubridy, whiskey expert from the Irish Whiskey Museum and author, takes us on a whistlestop tour through the history of the distilling industry and Bandon's Almans distillery - once the second largest whiskey distiller in Ireland. 


Footsteps in the past: a walk around Walled Bandon Town

Join local historians for a stroll around key historic points of Bandon for a convival chat as we explore the nuances of the heritage around us. From the original bridge to murdered masons and buried horses - Bandon has many stories waiting to be heard!

Saturday  19th August


Meeting point: Front of Bandon Town Hall

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