Where to Eat

There's plenty of choice to satisfy your palate in Bandon. From a quick cuppa to delicious cake to fab restaurants, we have you covered. Or if you have the time wander around our local markets and soak up the flavour.

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There is an abundance of quality food on our doorstep. Traditionally known as the gateway to West Cork, Bandon offers so much more for those who wander its’ streets and remains an unspoiled gem offering much to delight the senses.

Girls in a Coffee Shop

We have plenty to choose from in Bandon

Mini Hamburgers

We want you to enjoy our Festival and make the most of your time by focusing on exploring and having fun. To that end, we are happy to offer a variety of Accommodations options. Have a look at the information below and contact us if there’s something else we can assist you with.


We’re thrilled about welcoming you to Bandon History, and determined to make it the most engaging, inspiring - and fun event for you and the community. We hope our Transportation arrangements will add to your enjoyment of our Festival, and please let us know if there’s anything else we can provide.