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Bandon Shambles

While carrying out works over the years on Kilbrogan Hill little or no sign of the towns wall has turned up. Local historians, a few at least, are in agreement that any remaining foundation stones were dug up and used to construct our colosseum of the north, the Shambles Market constructed in 1817. A bank opened on today's Emmet Row at this time to allow for withdraws of funds to purchase goods from the market square and shambles.

The Town Wall foundation did on turn up on Emmet Row a few years back so we know it cut underneath the Shambles.

Back to Kilbrogan Hill, under the footpath cobble on Kilbrogan Hill is the only place the town wall might yet show it's face. A few test holes in the green might show something but we don't have a "time team" crew to call on so we'll just have to wait for a reason to dig.

This Shambles at Kilbrogan Hill/Allen Square replaced an early Meat Market building at Bridge Place built in 1754. It's highly likely that the town gave up the stone of this earlier market building in return for construction of todays main bridge. A very interesting carved stone "MM 1754" was found in 2018 under the second arch of the bridge heading south.

Bandon, the market bridge town with a shambles like no other.

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