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Bowling at Clancool by Patrick Jones

In the good old days passed over All our pleasures as a rule, Was to ramble through the clover To the bowling at Clancool. After Mass and Sunday’s dinner, We roved out to back the winner; Not a sinner stayed in town. Twixt the backers from old Bandon And the buckos from Blackpool, There was barely room to stand on For the bowling at Clancool.

Once again we see the faces, The old playground and its strife; And fond memory retraces Happy hours of bygone life. Tim Delaney and Bill Bennett Stand in battles proud array; They’ll be throwing in a minute, Now they’re clearing up the way. Here the bowl comes fast careering, Running through the crowded school, And a thousand throats are cheering For the bowling at Clancool.

Now the crowd is all in crack form, See them standing on the ditch. See the old man with the blackthorn, The youngster with a switch. And the “backers” go the limit On the first fore-bowl to win, “Here’s a fiver on old Bennett!” “Here’s a quid or two on Tim!” There were sportsmen in old Bandon, Who could give and take their “grule;” They were men enough for Shandon, When they met them at Clancool.

From original 'This is Bandon post.

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